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Gas stoves, gas fireplaces and gas logs should be cleaned and serviced on an annual basis to keep them operating at peak performance. A simple cleaning and tune-up can help avoid costly repairs later and provides you the peace of mind that your hearth appliance is ready for that next chilly evening.

Gas Fireplaces


All Gas Hearth Products Need This Service

This service typically involves: 

  • Checking all gas connections for leaks.
  • Cleaning any lint and dust build-up around valves and controls.
  • Inspecting equipment for any signs of wear.
  • Fine tune the appliance for optimal flame appearance and fuel efficiency.
  • Removal of logs: clean lint and carbon build-up from burner and logs. (A dirty burner and dirty logs can produce poor flame quality, difficulty lighting your appliance, irregular flame pattern and excessive soot buildup)
  • Inspect and clean louvers, grilles and fan.
  • Check gaskets for proper sealing.
  • Inspect venting system for blockage, draft problems, leaks and excessive carbon accumulation.
  • Clean glass of any soot buildup.
  • Check millivolt reading of pilot flame and adjust to factory specifications.
  • Check safety clearances.
  • Perform an CO (Carbon Monoxide) test for your safety.
  • Review proper operating procedures.